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Our Vision

Our team of professional brings their individual expertise to the creative process to offer variety of services,  capturing your life changing moments and intricacies if your luxury wedding.  


Our pre wedding photoshoot brings you to amazing and creative journey so that you can share your sweet moments with guests on your wedding day. To create something special for you to remember for a life time.

01  Prewedding

During the wedding day, we are committed to capture the spirit, emotion, and unique character of this special day. We pay special attention to detail of every moment to make each wedding so personal and special.

02  Wedding Day

At Charlie Studio Productions, we create films that are visually engaging and impactful to our clients. The art of our videography is to create a simulation of experiences to communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings and beauty.

03  Cinematography

Our portraits capture the essence of family relationships, and our work is a cohesive mix of fine art, lifestyle, and classic environmental portraiture; bringing family closer together and through their smiles.

04  Studio Shoots

We love to travel with you to beautiful places, capturing those right moments that’s unforgettable and once in a life time; as the photographs stay with your memory forever.

05  Destination Wedding

Our bridal lines are for the confident, unconventional, and modern with our refreshing approach to the wedding, evening gown. We strive for effortlessly designed dresses of the highest craftsmanship.

06  Wedding Dress

Our team specializes in professional hair and makeup for weddings, pre wedding photo shoots, grad, and party events.Customer service is our priority; we create beautiful, stunning hair and makeup for clients to feel both confident and satisfying.

07  Makeup & Hair

The reception site sets the stage for the entire party. Think about your wedding style, your guest list, and the general mood you want. We will provide the best service to fit your need.

08  Event Planning



Destination Wedding

If you’re planning on a  destination wedding , We provide custom services tailored to your schedule

Whether it’s a couple hours drive or flying elsewhere.

capturing beautiful memorable moments.